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Be aware, This package contains Mouth Dissolving Etisoft. 




New to Etizolam? Not sure what brand works best for your research? Order this sample pack to get all the Premium brands we have. You will get 20 x 1 MG, 20 x 1.5 MG, 20 x 2 MG, 20 x 3 MG and 20 x 1 MG-MD, all in the original blisters, shipped directly from our manufacturers.


Chemically speaking, Etizolam belongs to the benzodiazepine group of substances and shares a basic biochemical footprint with them. Since its composition is changed by adding thiophene and triazole rings to the molecule, Etizolam can be accurately described as a thienotriazolodiazepine, similar to Metizolam or Brotizolam. Its mechanism of action involves binding for alpha-2 benzodiazepine receptors, which is why it has some unique properties compared to other benzodiazepines.


Buying high-quality Etizolam pills from our online store is quick and simple, with guaranteed delivery to your home address and support for multiple payment channels. Please be sure to check whether etizolam derivates are legally allowed in your country before making an order.

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100, 200, 300, 400, 500


  1. Mitchell Gottwald (verified owner)

    Just recieved my 100 sample pack and they are great shipping took awhile because this coronavirus but Larry hooked me up with extra product good legit venders who save lives I just bought 200 more I love these guys so much especially Larry always very helpful thanks I do wish for faster shipping options or more products like flubromazolam or clonaz n such but all in all yall are great and I truly thank yall.

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    Great arrived today. Did the express shipping but it was still close to 20 days a little less but hey in this pandemic that’s pretty good! Threw in samples as well.

  3. James Wells (verified owner)

    Great product and Larry hooked me up with a few extra amazing! Lobe this company and I’m about to buy some more

  4. David Wright (verified owner)

    They all came,but only to get stolen. I'm bummed out I wish Express was running. I'd pay $200 to get it faster he'll $300 because I'm so desperate

  5. Stangz91 (verified owner)

    My 2nd order here and went smooth as silk. I paid with Bitcoin and it was nice to have a extra discount! I am very impressed and appreciate the quick dispatch and extra’s! Shipping was not bad at all only took a little over two weeks after ordered.

  6. Corinne Wallace (verified owner)

    Great customer service, took a long time because of Covid - Bought my packs on October 19th and it shipped to Seattle, WA delivered on November 9th so about 3 weeks.

  7. James Lombardo (verified owner)

    The sample pack was great! I can really say this vendor cares about their customers. they're always quick to respond back fast with questions and shipping took about 3 weeks with the pandemic 10/10! stay safe!


  8. Trevor Perkins (verified owner)

    This is my first time buying from the site and I wasn't sure what kind of brand to get so I got the sampler pack and I bought 200 of them. It took me about a month and a couple days to receive my package but I don't blame the website at all it's completely because of covid-19 and less workers for USPS and stuff and also the huge huge volume influx of holiday shipment packages coming through so it's completely understandable. I was finally happy to receive my order and I loved everything that I got. I was even surprised and shocked when I found that I got a few extras that I didn't even expect to get and I got two free samples of another completely different product so all in all I very impressed and the prices feel right. The sampler pack definitely has some of the better prices than I've seen at other sites. And also seems like most other sites only have one milligram tablets available so they have other dosage options here is fantastic and I'm really happy about that. So far I'm impressed and I'm definitely going to be ordering again this is definitely a fantastic place to buy what you need! Two thumbs up for sure!!! Thank you so much guys for the free samples and extras!!! I got my package after Christmas but it still doesn't matter I feel like I got a great Christmas present so thank you so much ;D

  9. A.H (verified owner)

    Great selection of different strenghts.

  10. Luke Robinson (verified owner)

    First time buyer on this site, and was not disappointed. Had early issues with tracking of my order, but Dave was more than helpful in getting that resolved. Great customer service, prompt replies to any questions I had. Order was received just under 3 weeks from the moment I placed it. Overall very happy, will definitely buy again! Many thanks 🙂

  11. Louis (verified owner)

    Perfect all around. The sample package is a great idea if you're looking to see what works best for you.

  12. Jimmy

    This was first time for me after using the same person or ppl for close to 15yrs.. they’ve disappeared so I decided to try these guys..
    So hard to trust anyone these days, but amazingly the only issue I had with these guys was the time it took to ship, which of course has nothing to do with them.
    What I got was awesome, plenty of extras even for my first order, also the packaging was very professional and you can tell they care.
    They’re my new #1 site to use..
    So far, I’m very impressed, I’ll be in touch again soon.
    Thanks again

  13. Brandon Scher

    I would rate this 10 stars if possible. They have the best prices, best customer service, and they always throw in some freebies. I like the sample pack, you get a good variety of brands and strengths. I think it’s the best deal they offer.

  14. Stephen Stock (verified owner)

    Getting my third shipment today.. I was worried the first time I ordered bc of trust issues, but everything went perfect every time. Trust is no longer an issue. Product is fantastic!!

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