Shipping Times and Guarantees EXTRA INFO

In Some cases shipping can take longer than usual, we are aware of this because we are monitoring
all our parcels constantly.
We need to make clear that we are using USPS and DHL and we are relying on their service.
We will do anything in our power to make your purchase as easy as possible, this means that
we will reship your order when needed.
We hope you understand that in some cases we cannot guarantee the speed.
this could be weather conditions or extra control at US customs.
our guarantee stands: you will get what you ordered!

My order keeps getting cancelled, why is this?

Your order could be cancelled for several reasons, first of all you need
to understand that we do not cancel your order, it is either our processor
or your bank.
  1. The card holders name must be the same as the billing address
  2. Sometimes your bank wants your approval
  1. But the most important reason could be your IP address, do you use a VPN?
    turn it off because that will give a decline directly.

What tracking site can i use?

Use the official DHL site, click here   or

How Long does it take for my parcel to arrive?

Usually, this would take 10/12 business days but be aware that customs can take time when it is busy and note that we do not own USPS so we can not guard your parcel day and night. We have guaranteed delivery so do not worry because we do all we can for you to receive what you paid for!

How long after i placed my order can i get my tracking number?

This is an automated system, normally you should receive it within 24 hours.

Where do you ship from?

We are a international vendor, this product is shipped directly
from the manufacturer, in this case India.

What is the quality of this product?

The product comes in it’s original blister and is tested daily,
this product is ideal for your research purposes.