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Payment Options

What payments do we accept? Why do we accepts them? And how can you use them?
All questions related to buying our great Etizolam products. We are alway's looking for safe way's to accept your payment but not all service want to work with us when they find out that we sell Research Chemicals. So sometimes it seems to be hard to do a payment but once you have learned how to, it will be really easy next time. And guess what! .. we are here to help you by phone or livechat!!

What payments methods do we accept?


Paying by bitcoin will be rewarded with extra Discount. We do this because it is safe for us. There is no third-party holding funds and we can ship directly!

Other Crypto's

All other crypto's are fine with us to. Some do safe a lot off transaction costs. So if you have some please check it out and find your cheapest coin!


We offer Zelle because it is instant online banking. If the money arrives in our account we just need to check it manually but after the check we can ship fast!


We do not alway's accept creditcards. Mainly because our experience is that many users complaint to get free stuff. It's a big risk for us and we need to confirm a lot. But sometimes it will be possible. Ask us for more info!

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