Terms & Conditions
By ordering any product from buyetizolam.com, you are confirming that you fully understood the terms and conditions listed on this page, and that you agree to abide by them when collaborating with our company. The conditions are formulated based on company policies and applicable legal guidelines, and are subject to change without prior notice. All customers are advised to check for the up-to-date version and read it carefully before placing on order through our online store.

General Conditions
Buyetizolam is a certified vendor of pharmaceutical products that operates on the international level. All products are sold strictly for research purpose. We are not a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and collaborate with independent, well-established brands, which guarantee for the quality of their respective products. Our online business method includes international shipping, which may be charged additionally. Other fees may apply in certain situations. Various restrictions may be implemented at any time at the sole discretion of the website’s management. We don’t condone any kind of illegal activity, and will not knowingly support any actions of our suppliers or customers that run contrary to the law.

Age Restrictions
In order to buy any product from our website, you must be at least 21 years old at the time when the order is placed. Sales to minors are strictly prohibited, regardless of the product chosen or other circumstances. Customers may be asked to provide proof of sufficient age in cases where website management has reasons to suspect a minor is involved in placing an order. If such assurances are not provided, the website retains the right to refuse the order.

Legal responsibility
Buyers bear full responsibility to obey legal restrictions in their country of residence. Some of the products featured on the site could be controlled substances in some parts of the world and buyers must inquire with local authorities before ordering. If a shipment is confiscated by the authorities before it reaches the customer, no reimbursement for lost value will be issued. We have no knowledge about predispositions of persons or organizations that purchase our products and may not be held liable for their actions.

Product integrity
All products shipped by our company are of industrial-grade purity and tested for quality, which means they are suitable for a broad range of research-related purposes. Exact chemical composition, as well as known pharmacological features, is highlighted on every product page. In case a wrong shipment is delivered due to our mistake, the buyer must notify the website through e-mail within 7 days from the delivery date to qualify for the refund program.

In order to purchase products from our site, it is necessary to pay the full amount in advance of the shipping. Once the payment is processed, the order will become active and scheduled for immediate execution. Multiple payment methods are supported, however some of them might be unavailable in your country. Please contact our customer support if you are unsure whether your preferred payment method is feasible. Exchange rates applied to payments in various currencies may vary from day to day.