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You all know https://cash.app/ right? You have cashapp.

Use your balance in Cash App and pay through Cash App to us with bitcoins.
Do know you have to put in a new order, select bitcoin as payment option
in our checkout, click place order and the adress to pay us to by you
opens. You can pay by using the QR code or just copy the adress.
Its as easy as sending dollars to us Cash App . Check the link under here
for more info on Cash App & Bitcoin.


I presume you are not a bitcoin person since you like the easy Zelle and
Cash App dollar payment. But know i am here to help.
So know i am sending you this in good comfort, sure you can do it and
make it work.
Bonus for you in this paying through Cash App to us in bitcoin is an
automated 15% discount on our site on the total of your money to be paid
for your order.
Pretty good right !?

Do not forget its best to hook up your bankaccount to Cash App to upload
money onto Cash App, cause thats free and with credit & debitcards it
costs 3%.
Purchasing bitcoins has a fee as well. So take care what balance in
bitcoins will remain when purchasing btc to pay for your order. After
purchasing btc pay us right away considering the value swings of BTC.

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