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March 30, 2020    Dave

Dear customers and buyetizolam friends,

Covid19 tracking and shipping update march 30, 2020

Buyetizolam is still open and shipping daily from our singapore pharmacy, but tracking numbers are not becoming active in the normal time frame. All shipping from india was suspended by their government on march 20, 2020 which is why we switched to shipping from our singapore pharmacy.

Singapore post is the last option for shipping between asia and the usa, all other countries are closed so we can no longer ship to our friends in australia, canada, uk, europe etc.

Flights for packages to the usa from singapore are very limited now and for the foreseeable future.

We send tracking to you at the end of our shipping day in singapore which means we have paid for the product, the packaging and shipping and your package has gone to the airport.

All packages are being sanitized before customs inspection in singapore. This sanitizing along with fewer flights out of singapore is causing several days of delay before you see a “live” tracking update.

If you have paid for an order, you will get your package, just the tracking updates are much slower. If singapore shuts down like india did, then you’ll be months without getting product from anywhere. Your package will be delivered soon.

If you need a free reship, we will do that in line with our delivery guarantee. Please be patient and do not open a dispute with your bank or card. All payments go to larry’s accounts, not to the overseas website owner’s accounts and any dispute from you will get larry’s accounts shutdown.

No customer has ever lost their money with us. Larry can refund you in 3 clicks and your money will be back in your account instantly, but it comes right out of his pocket and you’ll get your package anyway, so it’s not fair to larry. We have already paid to have your product shipped, it’s just delayed due to this global crisis.

Please contact larry @ [email protected] if you have more concerns.
Remember that we will overcome this coronavirus crisis and all will be normal again!

Thanks for reading, stay home and stay healthy!

Dave, Larry, our warehouse employees and it team

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