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Update on Etizolam product ban

April 9, 2021    Dave

The government in India has set a ban on the export and sale of Etizolam and connected products. At this point the ban on export of Etizolam is permanent however we do have an open line of communication with authorities for any and all pertinent updates on the situation due to the fact we still hold etizolam products. We will post updates as we receive them here on our website. The government of India has released an update on their Illegal drugs list on The Gazette of India (official publications department). You can search for the document with the Gazette ID on the search page.

Website: http://egazette.nic.in/
Gazette ID: CG-DL-E-23032021-226041

Direct pdf link:
click here to download


Please be aware that the ban has been set in place for ANY and ALL Etizolam products. NO ONE has the legal authority to export Etizolam.
if you find ANY website or ANY Vendor offering Etizolam then its doing so illegally and is most likely a scam.


However not all hope is lost. If you were using Etizolam for your research then we recommend "Zopiclone" and "Eszopiclone". It meets all standards of
production and its quality is guaranteed. Many of our happy clients have found that Zopiclone worked perfectly for their research needs and have continued their research using Zopiclone in place of Etizolam.

We also offer many other products. All of our products meet the highest standards of production and quality and our team maintains its exceptional ability to process and ship your items quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Thank you for your patronage and understanding, our kindest regards

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