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Urgent warning Copycat websites

March 15, 2021    Dave

For the last few weeks we have seen scam websites / copycats trying to copy our website and trusted reputation. Please mind to only communicate with us through our live chat and the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected]

If you want you can leave your mobile number in livechat to Jackie so
Jackie can reach you by whatsapp or telegram.
Jackie will also start to reach out by telegram and whatsapp to some if
orders stay unpaid. To be of service to you and understand what´s going
on. We like orders made and paid.

We have had some great offers on since early December till the 31st of
January. This might have caused some envy with others.
As you all know standard procedures with us are sending 20% extra
tablets on the quantity you order on our premium brands for free, reship
stuck and seized packages for free and give you 15% discount on total to
pay for your order when paid with Bitcoin.

Please understand that it´s best for you to ask first what the other
payment option is in livechat or [email protected] before you
We are here to help you so do not hesitate. It makes smooth sailings
which we all aim for.
Remember what i said in the IN CASHAPP WE TRUST mail : all men are
created equal.
Meaning to say everybody can do it. Maybe alone, maybe with help from
Share all your questions and thoughts.
Again, we are here to help. So please use us and remember : only through
livechat, [email protected] and [email protected]

Have a great day now.


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