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Hyplon 10mg Zaleplon


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Do you want to enjoy a peaceful sleep? Hyplon 10mg Capsule  (Zaleplon) is the best medication for sound sleep. The medicine is useful in short-term Insomnia. It reduces the time for the onset of sleep. Hyplon 10mg Capsule facilitates sleep induction. This medication is used to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It is less hypnotic as compared to other benzodiazepines, therefore, produces less sedation on the next day after use.

Directions for use of Hyplon 10mg Capsule

Hyplon 10mg is used once daily at bedtime because it induces sleep. It is best to take with an empty stomach because food can reduce the solubility rate and medication absorption rate. Hyplon 10mg can be harmful to patients with respiratory disorders. Always use as directed by the physician. As it causes dependence, do not stop Hyplon immediately. Always consult a Pharmacist about the proper use of medication.

Side effects of Hyplon

  • Drowsiness and dizziness,
  • Hallucinations,
  • Lightheadedness,
  • Impaired coordination,
  • Tingling sensation.
  • Always consult your doctor if you suffer any problem.

Interactions with other drugs

Cimetidinerifampicin, and Grapefruit juice may have interactions with Zaleplon. Cimetidine and Grapefruit juice can increase blood concentrations of Zaleplon to a toxic concentration, therefore, use zaleplon carefully with other drugs and food. Other medications used for anxiety, muscle relaxation, or any opioid analgesics can be dangerous with Zaleplon because these medications enhance the hypnotic action. Alcohol use may enhance the hypnotic action of zaleplon, therefore, avoid alcohol.


  • Tell your physician about your previous medication history so that he may prescribe appropriate medication.
  • Inform the doctor if you have some liver or kidney problems because Zaleplon may have some side effects on the Liver or kidney.
  • It is not recommended in pregnancy or lactation.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking while taking this medication.
  • Do not drive after taking Hyplon due to hypnosis action.
  • Do not use any other hypnotic medication along with Hyplon 10mg as it may slow the respiratory system which may collapse.

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2 reviews for HYPLON 10MG ZALEPLON

  1. Kodi Crockett (verified owner)

    Great product, great company. Thanks Dave!

  2. Chris

    Great products, great service.

    I’ll be back again

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